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Vica and Tatave, curious about life in the United States, look at America through a giant telescope and are appalled by the debauchery and disorder they see. Eleanor Roosevelt, jealous of the attention the Statue of Liberty receives due to her beauty, removes the statue and climbs up on its pedestal herself, holding a mop in her hand in place of the torch, which leads to further disorder. A series of images shows striking workers breaking windows, creating barricades, and clashing with police, in contrast to an image of happy, well-behaved workers in Germany, followed by anti-Jewish and anti-Bolshevik scenes. Vica and Tatave travel to Africa and plant cacti to deter an American invasion. Franklin Roosevelt, shown working with Bolsheviks and Jews, frees prisoners ("gangsters") from Sing-Sing Prison to bolster the U.S. Army as it prepares to invade Africa. The French ocean liner Normandie is seized by the U.S. and converted to a troop ship, then sinks and burns in New York Harbor. As the American forces land in Africa, they enslave and kill many Arabs in north Africa, but as they attempt to invade French sub-Saharan Africa, Uncle Sam parachutes from an airplane and lands painfully in the field of cacti planted by Vica and Tatave. They laugh at his failure and note that they have avenged the destruction of the Normandie.

source Duke University : https://idn.duke.edu/ark:/87924/r3rv0d95n

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